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If you don’t know Larible, you totally should.  He’s a seventh-generation circus performer who has headlined most of the major circuses in the world, including Ringling, Circus Roncali, Circus Krone, Circus Knie, and many other shows. He’s performed on the stage and in the theater throughout the world for almost 60 years!

Larible in the interview talks about repertoire, the difference between theater audiences and circus audiences, and lots more.  Larible was performing on Circus Vasquez when the lockdown hit and went back to his home 
in The interview is by Eric Nondsen, who is a French clown and juggler, also from a long line of circus performers.  The co-presenter is Alain Gombert-Chabry, who is also from a long line of circus performers and is also a juggler/performer. (Do you detect a trend?)

Towards the end, there is a special appearance by (what I believe) is Eric’s father, who was a clown and worked with Larible in 1965.  (My French is rusty, and I didn’t recognize him.  nor did they introduce him.  If you know who he is, please correct me!)

Larible gives some good thoughts about his work and about the need to have a varied repertoire.

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