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Clown's prayer

Clown's prayer 

I don't know why the clown's prayers are sad.
When I pray, my heart always is full of joy.
David Larible

Oh Lord,I'm a failure, but I love you;
I love you terribly, madly and because I'm just a clown,
this is the only way I know to love you.
Since long time I've been in your hands and comes one day I'll fly to you. ...
My heversack is empty, my flowers are fading, but my heart is still intact.
My poverty scares me, while your tenderness comforts me.
I'm before you, I feel like a broken jug,
but you can craft a brand new one from my own clay, as you like it.
Oh Lord, what should I say the day you'll call me to you to account for?
I'll say that humanely my life has been a wreck, I tumbled down.
Please, Lord, accept tonight's offer!
My life is full of wholes, just like a flute, but, please, get it with your mercy hands.
May your music pass through me and lift my brothers and all men.
May the rythme and melody of your music
play along their path and make their tired footsteps easy and joyful.

(By Spanish manuscript )

David Larible